From Shabby to Chic: The Punny Side of Residential Siding Replacement! 

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Into the Siding Spectrum: The Residential Redo

Imagine coming home at the end of a hard day’s work to a house that gleams with new vitality. It’s not just the paintwork that radiates freshness but also your entire residential siding. This mini-transformation might make cheesy jokes like ‘Why did the house go to a therapist’ change to ‘Now, everyone admires the house with the new siding’ feel less grating than they sound.

Return on Your Siding Investment

Now look, this residential siding replacement and your chance at embodying the cheesy homeowner aren’t just for show. The National Association of Realtors threw some startling numbers in their 2020 Remodeling Impact Report. Homeowners, brace yourselves! They stated you might recover approximately 68% of your siding replacement investment when you resell your home. For those of you mulling over the decision, we bet this ‘curb-a-licious’ fact just made you sit a little straighter.

The Material Math

You wouldn’t doll up your house with just any siding, would you? We’re not saying you’re picky, but it’s alright even if you are. Because, here’s where it gets funnier. The U.S Census Bureau gave us some material insights and turns out, Fiber Cement and Vinyl are the popular kids in the siding game. These two aren’t just here for their knockout good looks; they bring along a tasty platter of longevity, durability, and an extreme makeover for your exterior home.

The Big Financial Picture

Some of you might still be hanging back, asking, ‘Do I get anything back for all this trouble?’ Buckle up, because the answer is a resounding yes! According to the National Association of Realtors, get ready to pocket about 76.7% return on your investment at resale from your residential siding replacement. Talk about a comeback!

Unleashing the Aesthetic Beast with Siding Replacement

Quick question: Ever noticed how a tad bit of accessorizing spruces up your simple outfit? Think of residential siding replacement as your house’s new studded necklace or those snazzy cufflinks. It accentuates your home’s characteristics while beefing up the curb appeal.

Your Siding, Your Renovation Prowess

We’ve all tried our hands at various home renovation projects, with some ventures successful and others, well, best left forgotten. A residential siding replacement isn’t just another item on this challenging list. It serves as a cost-effective upgrade that screams value for money and unique aesthetics.

Combating Mother Nature with Durable Residential Sidings

Sturdy residential sidings don’t just mean a spruced-up look; they’re your first line of defense against all things Mother Nature throws your way. Weathering the harshest elements, they will stand tall, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


What are the advantages of residential siding replacement?

Besides improved aesthetics, a residential siding replacement adds significant value to your home, provides proper insulation and increased energy efficiency, and enhances protection against harsh weather.

What material is best for residential siding replacement?

Both Fiber Cement and Vinyl are often preferred by homeowners due to their cost-effectiveness, durability, and potential to dramatically improve home aesthetics.

How much of their investment can homeowners recover upon reselling their home with replaced siding?

Homeowners can potentially recover approximately 68% to 76.7% of their investment when reselling their home after a siding replacement, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Tip Your House to the Style Side

1. Choose a color that complements your house style and environment.

2. Go for a siding material that aligns with your local climate.

3. Scheduled maintenance will keep your siding looking brand new.

4. Trust professionals for installation to ensure optimal performance.

Summing Up the Siding Saga

Home sweet home, with a side of stunning siding! When siding and the punny side collide, you know you’re in for a house that’s just not a sight for sore eyes but also a tough cookie against the forces of nature, ready to combat weatherly heists. Coupled with value returns that make your wallet sing, it’s time to bring out the champagne because this isn’t just a renovation, it’s a residential triumph! With all this excitement, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to yell ‘new siding, who dis’ from your newly sided rooftop!

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